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Town Twinning aims to foster friendship between communities by means of cultural, sporting and interest-centred contacts and exchanges. It exists on a premise of mutual hospitality, by opening homes to each other and extending the hand of friendship. Town Twinnings is actively supported by the European Commission under its Europe for Citizens initiative.

Town Twinning is a great experience for all - families, individuals, students and groups.  It's a way of seeing how other people live and of making new friends.  People share their experiences of everyday life.  Learning a foreign language and experiencing a different culture can be most rewarding for all age groups, especially for young people.



The twinning between Skerries and the Canton of Guichen is one of the more successful twinning arrangements in Ireland.  STT and CRIC have twice  been awarded the Etoile d'Or Jumelage (Gold Star of Twinning) by the European Commission for their work in developing the twinning concept.

Over the years hundreds of people from Skerries have participated in our twinning activities.  These have included:

  • School exchanges between our second level schools, as well as individual student exchanges.

  • Visits to celebrate St Patrick's Day have been held in both areas.

  • A choral exchange (held over two years) was another major undertaking, with choirs from each area coming together to perform in public.

  • Interest-centred visits on themes such as the environment, water provision and waste disposal have also taken place.

  • A regular feature has been sports exchanges for teenagers from both Skerries and Guichen which has given children the opportunity to live in each other's homes and get to know how family life works in each other's countries as well as trying new sports and leisure activities. In recent years STT has partnered with Skerries Walking Club and organised walks and rambles in both Fingal and Guichen.


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Membership/Getting Involved:

Skerries Town Twinning is open to anyone who lives in Skerries and surrounding area or who has a connection with Skerries.  There is no membership fee.  We maintain an email list for updates on activities.  If you would like to be added to our email list please contact us on or send a message to us below.

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