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Policy on collection, protection and use of personal data.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union privacy law that came into effect on 25 May 2018. In Ireland, the national law, which, amongst other things, gives further effect to the GDPR, is the Data Protection Act 2018.  Skerries Town Twinning (STT) hereunder sets out its policy on the collection, storage and use of personal data under the 8 principles of data protection.

  1. STT undertakes to process personal data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner;

  2. STT undertakes to collect and use personal data only for town twinning purposes and will not use such data in a way that is not compatible with those purposes;

  3. STT will ensure that personal data obtained is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for town twinning purposes;

  4. STT will endeavour to keep data accurate and up to date and erase or rectify any inaccurate data without delay.

  5. STT will archive data after 3 years if it is no longer required for town twinning purposes;

  6. STT will keep data secure using appropriate technical and/or organisational security measure;

  7. STT undertakes to be able to demonstrate compliance with the above principles; and

  8. STT will respond promptly to requests by individuals seeking to exercise their data protection rights (for example the right of access)

Depending on whatever activities are being organised some or all of the following personal data may be required for town twinning purposes: name, residential address, telephone number, email address, knowledge of French, age/date of birth, occupation, interests/hobbies, medical conditions (e.g. allergies).  Unless otherwise indicated photographs may be used from time to time on the STT website, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) and traditional media (print) to promote STT.

STT will share personal information only where a person has given written permission to do so except in the case of photographs.  In the case of photographs STT may use a person's photograph unless that person has notified STT in writing to the contrary. STT may share personal information with its counterpart organisation (Comité des Relations Internationales du Canton de Guichen, Brittany, France) hereafter referred to the CRIC.  Like STT, CRIC is also subject to GDPR regulations.  With the exception of photographs personal data will be shared only with CRIC and not with any other body.  The purpose of sharing data with CRIC is to assist CRIC in securing families that are the most suitable to act as hosts for STT visitors.  Similarly, CRIC will share personal data with STT for the same purposes.  STT may share certain personal information with other STT members for the purposes of facilitating contact between members who are engaged in a town twinning activities.

In the case of persons under 18 years of age, personal information must be provided by a parent or guardian and the permission obtained from the parent/guardian to use that information in accordance with this policy.

Some personal data is collected and processed for town twinning purposes only.  Some data is current and active while other data is no longer in use but has a historical value to STT.  Individuals to whom current and active data refers will be notified of such data and consent to continue using this data will be sought.  STT historical data will be archived in accordance with GDPR and held securely using appropriate technical and/or organisational security measures. Archived data will be used only for historical and research purposes and will not be shared with any other body.

The above policy was adopted by STT on 9 April 2019

Policy version 1.0



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