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Founded in 1992

Skerries Town Twinning is a committee of Skerries Community Association CLG.  Skerries Town Twinning was founded in 1992 following a public meeting to explore the possibility of twinning with the Canton of Guichen (Brittany).  In 1991, at the suggestion of the Irish Breton Association, a group of four people from the Canton of Guichen visited Skerries.  They invited some Skerries representatives to attend the twinning ceremony between Guichen and Villafranca de los Barros (Spain) later that year.  Further exploratory visits took place before a formal decision was taken to proceed with an official twinning. The official ceremony took place on 14 August 1994 in Skerries and a reciprocal ceremony took place in Guichen on 9 July 1995.

Skerries Community Association

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  1. To promote international friendship and understanding by initiating and fostering mutual exchanges between the peoples of Skerries and of such other towns with which the Association may decide to consider entering into a twinning arrangement;

  2. To encourage visits by individuals and groups to and from linked towns and regions, particularly by children and young people;

  3. To develop personal contacts, and by so doing to broaden the mutual understanding of the cultural, recreational and commercial activities of the linked towns and regions;

  4. To engage in any other activities consistent with furthering the objectives of (1), (2) and (3) above.

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