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Our Twin Partner

Guichen is a canton (administrative grouping) of small towns and villages in the Départment of Ille-et-Vilaine in the east of Brittany, France.  It lies 15km south-west of Rennes, the tenth largest city in France and the Capital of Brittany.  It combines rural landscape and pretty small towns.  The river Vilaine flows through the canton, where boating and fishing activities are popular.  The Vilaine has a towpath where one can enjoy walking and cycling in an area on  unspoilt nature with some dramatic cliffs along the way.  The canton provides a commuter base for many who travel daily to work in Rennes and its environs. Horticulture and agriculture also provide employment, as well as a number of smaller industries. Each town has its own local council with locally elected councillors.  There are well-equipped community centres in each town providing facilities for indoor and outdoor sports and cultural activities.  Each town has one or more primary schools and there are three second-level schools in the canton.

Our counterpart organisation in Guichen is the "Comité des Relations Internationales des Communes Jumeleés (CRIC) - Committee of International Relations of the twinned Communes". Established on 22 January 1990, CRIC works with its 8 member communes to promote the notion of European citizenship and to establish friendship and close relations between citizens through "a window opening on Europe and the World".



Guichen's (CRIC) active link with Srem

Guichen (CRIC) has an active link with Srem which lies on the Warta river and is about 40km south of Poznan.  It has a population of some 30,000. In recent years people from Skerries and Srem have participated in parallel visits to Guichen.  In 2019, two representatives from Skerries visited Srem along with a delegation from Guichen.  Skerries invited Srem to send a delegation to Skerries in August 2020 but this was postponed due to Covid19.

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