May 2022

Skerries Twinning will welcome a small group (about 20 people) from the Canton of Guichen from Thursday 21st until Monday 25th July.  We are so pleased to be able to host our friends, after a 3 year absence, due to Covid19. However, we've been busy with our Language Buddy Initiative and we have also made a contribution to a photographic exhibition, which the Canton of Guichen is putting together to illustrate the way of life in Skerries, Srem (their Polish partner) and Guichen.  During our friends July visit we hope to hold a seminar, which will look at how both communities have responded to the Ukrainian Crisis and what efforts each community is making towards a more environmentally sustainable community. Also, we hope to visit some local food producers and organise a trip to Dublin city.  As the group is small, and transport costs are very high, we are limiting most of our outings to local areas.
Additionally, we are looking for help in a couple of us by driving our visitors (even for short distances) and by donating via our iDonate link below.  We would be most grateful to hear from you and all support is really appreciated to help our colleagues have a wonderful visit!


February 2021

New Language Buddy Initiative started by STT in Spring 2021 - A new way to learn French.