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May 2022

Skerries Twinning will welcome a small group (about 20 people) from the Canton of Guichen from Thursday 21st until Monday 25th July.  We are so pleased to be able to host our friends, after a 3 year absence, due to Covid19. However, we've been busy with our Language Buddy Initiative and we have also made a contribution to a photographic exhibition, which the Canton of Guichen is putting together to illustrate the way of life in Skerries, Srem (their Polish partner) and Guichen.  During our friends July visit we hope to hold a seminar, which will look at how both communities have responded to the Ukrainian Crisis and what efforts each community is making towards a more environmentally sustainable community.



February 2021

New Language Buddy Initiative started by STT in Spring 2021 - A new way to learn French.



September 2022

Skerries Town Twinning 

Shines a Light of Friendship for Ukraine

Skerries Town Twinning held a moving ceremony on Sunday 24 July 2022 in Skerries Golf Club where four specially commissioned Candles of Friendship were lit with the intention of linking Skerries to Ukraine. Skerries is twinned with the Canton of Guichen (France) which in turn is twinned with Srem (Poland) and Srem has a link with Lviv in Ukraine. The candles were decorated with the national flower of Ireland, France,Poland and Ukraine (Shamrock, Iris, Poppy and Sunflower) and the wooden bases, made from recycled teak, bore the names and national flags of each location. Three of the candles were then sent on a European adventure. One will stay in Guichen and two will go to Srem and from there one will go to Lviv. It is intended that on Christmas Eve we will light our candles so as to shine a "Light of Friendship" across Europe. We hope to link up the lighting ceremonies via the internet. In the meantime we will be encouraging other twinned towns and local communities to adopt the idea.

Modern town twinning has its roots in the ashes of the second world
war. The aims of town twinning are to build friendship, provide mutual
support and gain a better understanding of other communities so as to
reduce the risk of conflict - we need these sentiments more than ever.

The ceremony was the final event of a memorable visit by a delegation of 16 visitors from the Canton of Guichen during which they attended presentations and discussions on the work of Sustainable Skerries and Skerries Response
to Ukraine groups, visited local attractions and enjoyed an evening of entertainment with the Rush Traditional Irish Music Group in Skerries Harps as well as playing boules and learning about Currachaí na Sceirí (traditional rowing boats). Skerries Town Twinning would like to thank all our twinning friends who helped to make the visit such a great success. A special thanks to all who hosted guests, those whocontributed to the iDonate appeal and those who gave other donations. We also appreciate the generosity of Allcare Pharmacy for providing a Covid Protection pack and Aidan Herron who gave each guest a copy of his book "Ardgillan Castle Revealed".

If you would like more information about Skerries Town Twinning please visit or email       We are also on Facebook.


  1. Visitors from the Canton of Guichen with their Skerries hosts

  2. The Candles of Friendship 

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